Mukul Tewary Engineered stem cell platform gives new insights into beginnings of human development - October 19, 2017 | A team of researchers from the labs of Professors Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez and Peter Zandstra have built a new platform that enables human embryonic stem cells to self-organize into a structure with embryo-like features.
Milica Radisic Neurotechnological innovation and organ-on-a-chip engineering centres receive more than $10 million in new funding - October 13, 2017 | New projects led by Professors Milos Popovic and Milica Radisic gain support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.
IBBME at BMES 2017 - October 12-14, 2017 | Visit booth 425 to meet some of our faculty, students and staff at the 2017 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting in the Phoenix Convention Center.
Alison McGuigan Microfabrication and disease modelling expert receives Connaught Fund McLean Award - September 29, 2017 | Professor Alison McGuigan's research on predicting how well promising drugs will work in patients is making "significant progress towards one of the most difficult and important goals in biological engineering."

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