Khosravi, Davies and DaCosta U of T researchers discover new ways to build better medical implants and improve healing time - June 18, 2018 | A team led by Professor John E. Davies has uncovered new information about medical devices that could accelerate post-surgical healing.
Amanda Fleury and Mikhail Burke Grads to Watch 2018: Meet two U of T biomedical engineering students graduating this spring - June 11, 2018 | Mikhail Burke and Amanda Fleury are two IBBME graduates taking unique next steps in their careers.
Yonatan Lipsitz IBBME researchers clear hurdles toward robust supply of stem cells for research and therapy - June 6, 2018 | Professor Peter Zandstra and recent PhD graduate Yonatan Lipsitz have substantiated a procedure to produce a high quantity of stem cells.
iARC 2018 IBBME Annual Research Conference showcases student achievements and inspires collaboration - May 31, 2018 | In photos: iARC 2018 celebrates biomedical engineering for global health.
Milos Popovic Milos Popovic receives March of Dimes Canada lifetime achievement award - May 31, 2018 | U of T biomedical engineering professor recognized with Jonas Salk Award for sustained scientific contributions to improving the lives of people with physical disabilities.

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