Milos Popovic Milos Popovic appointed research director of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - January 10, 2018 | IBBME professor to lead research initiatives at one of Canada’s leading rehabilitation hospitals
Fernie, Sefton and Shoichet Three IBBME professors inducted into the Order of Canada - December 29, 2017 | Professors Geoff Fernie, Michael Sefton and Molly Shoichet recognized for outstanding achievement and service to the nation.
Professor Peter Zandstra A repurposed drug could open door to more stem cell transplants for disease treatment - December 20, 2017 | A team of researchers led by Professor Peter Zandstra have found a way to increase likelihood of donor stem cell survival in patients.
Milica Radisic Milica Radisic awarded Steacie Prize - December 18, 2017 | IBBME cardiovascular tissue engineering professor receives prize honouring a scientist under 40 for notable contributions to research in Canada.

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