Innovation, Hammer & Nails

The Innovation, Hammer and Nails program connects IBBME students with clinicians, nurses, staff and fellows at the Hospital for Sick Children to design solutions for challenges identified by experts at Canada’s largest paediatric health-care institution.

This initiative is available to undergraduate and graduate students through a range of courses and degree programs.

Download the PDF version of the Innovation, Hammers & Nails terms of reference.



Projects & Pairing

The Hammers & Nails steering committee will determine which projects and IBBME opportunities are best matched. The committee will meet two to three times per year to determine the pairings. Meetings typically take place in late-July/early August, November and March.

Expectations of Students & Tracking

The expectations of students are clearly defined within each course, degree and program and will vary between students/student groups depending on their program of affiliation with Hammers & Nails.

University of Toronto instructors, administrative staff and academic coordinators are in charge of ensuring that students abide by the expectations laid out to them as part of their course, degree or program.

Clinicians working with students may be asked to provide specific feedback with regards to the student’s performance as part of the generation of a review or mark for the student’s course requirements. This expectation will be clearly outlined to the clinician prior to the start of their working relationship with the students.

IBBME will provide general tracking of number of students and projects that have been associated with Hammers & Nails which will then be forwarded to the steering committee once per year.

Program Steering Committee

  • Dr. Christopher Caldarone, Chief of Perioperative Services, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Dr. Vito Forte, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Dr. Jason Maynes, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Dawn Kilkenny, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream & Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs, IBBME
  • Christopher Yip, Professor, IBBME