IBBME Biomedical Engineering Discovery Program

IBBME Discovery Program

The IBBME Discovery Program is a high school outreach initiative designed to introduce grade 11 and 12 students to the field of biomedical engineering by creating an immersive educational experience around collaborative research themes.

Students learn about biomedical engineering through iterative learning designed to support the development of strong practice of the scientific method.

Read about a successful pilot year with George Harvey Collegiate Institute.

Learning Outcomes

  • alignment with Ontario high school science curriculum-specific course learning outcomes, as identified by post-secondary educators
  • translation of high school course-specific scientific concepts to hands-on applications
  • comprehension of the collaborative nature of biomedical engineering within the context of IBBME research themes
  • development of real-world translation of scientific principles

Program Delivery

IBBME Discovery Program

Students from participating high schools have the opportunity to interact with IBBME graduate students, professors and staff over a semester-long program facilitated through strong collaboration with high school classroom educators.

The content of this program is integrated directly into the classroom curriculum by participating schools to build the foundation of a term course project in senior science courses.

Multiple iterative visits are a key component of this program, where graduate student instructors visit the high school and students travel to U of T to participate in interactive learning sessions in the IBBME Teaching Laboratory and Design Studio.

Program Contact

Academic Programs Office (Undergraduate)
+1 416 978-7209 (office)