Design Studio

Lassonde Mining Building, 170 College Street, Rooms 64 & 78

U of T IBBME Design Studio

The IBBME Design Studio is an instructional and collaboration space for biomedical engineering design and education.

It also houses a variety of 3D printing resources for use by students and researchers at U of T.

The Design Studio is made up of two distinct spaces for advanced learning (details below). Together, they enable interdisciplinary course delivery, training and career development opportunities for students across the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine.

Both spaces have open-access hours available to students across the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering for the completion of course assignments and design projects. Reservation priority will be given to students in biomedical engineering.

Student clubs may also request access to this space. Fees for time and materials use may apply.

Collaboration Suite—MB 78

Design Studio Collaboration Suite

The Collaboration Suite is a technology-enabled, flexible training space that houses interactive tools including a smart board, networked display screens and modular work surfaces.

This space is ideally suited for the instruction of design courses and group-based projects.

Fabrication & Prototyping Suite—MB 64

IBBME Design Studio

The Fabrication & Prototyping Suite houses advanced tools for rapid production and testing of biomedical devices.

Available equipment include 3D printers, electronic testing equipment, bioelectrical data acquisition units (BioRadios), stereomicroscopes and soldering stations.

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