Berj L. Bardakjian

Bardakjian, Berj L.

Berj Bardakjian | Professor
BEd (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (McMaster), PEng

Main Appointments

  • Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information

Office: Rosebrugh Building, 164 College Street, Room 418

+1 416 978-6552 (office) (email)
Cellular Bioelectricity Lab (web)

Research Theme

Neural, Sensory Systems & Rehabilitation

Research Interests

Neural Engineering Generation, Transmission and Control of Cellular Bioelectricity

The Cellular Bioelectricity Lab was established to elucidate the nature of cellular bioelectricity in health and disease. In particular, the generation, transmission and control of bioelectricity in nerve cells in the brain, and smooth muscle cells in the gastrointestinal tract, are analyzed, modelled and controlled as nonlinear dynamical systems.

The main themes of our research and publications are within the general fields of Cellular and Neural Engineering.

The research in this laboratory is carried out in collaboration with the Toronto Western Research Institute in the University Health Network, and the Thermodynamics and Kinetics Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, at the University of Toronto.

Select Publications

Complexity and multifractality of neuronal noise in mouse and human hippocampal epileptiform dynamics. Serletis D, Bardakjian BL, Valiante TA, Carlen PL.  J Neural Eng. 2012 Oct. 9(5):056008.

Markers of pathological excitability derived from principal dynamic modes of hippocampal neurons. Kang EE, Zalay OC, Serletis D, Carlen PL, Bardakjian BL.  J Neural Eng. 2012 Aug 7. 9(5):056004.

Daily rhythmic behaviors and thermoregulatory patterns are disrupted in adult female MeCP2-deficient mice. Wither RG, Colic S, Wu C, Bardakjian BL, Zhang L, Eubanks JH.  PLoS One. 2012. 7(4):e35396.

Stochastic amplification of calcium-activated potassium currents in Ca 2+ microdomains.
Stanley DA, Bardakjian BL, Spano ML, Ditto WL.  J Comput Neurosci. 2011 Nov. 31(3):647-66.

Responsive neuromodulators based on artificial neural networks used to control seizure-like events in a computational model of epilepsy. Colic S, Zalay OC, Bardakjian BL.  Int J Neural Syst. 2011 Oct. 21(5):367-83.

Common time-frequency analysis of local field potential and pyramidal cell activity in seizure-like events of the rat hippocampus. Cotic M, Chiu AW, Jahromi SS, Carlen PL, Bardakjian BL.  J Neural Eng. 2011 Aug. 8(4):046024.

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