J. Christopher Bouwmeester

Christopher Bouwmeester
Chris Bouwmeester | Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
BSc, PhD (Calgary), PEng

Main Appointments

  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information

Office: Lassonde Mining Building (MB), 170 College Street, Room 321A

+1 416 978-3702 (office)
chris.bouwmeester@utoronto.ca (email)

Research Theme

Teaching & Research Interests

I am interested in using design-based projects to foster innovation in capstone design courses and provide hands-on experiences in core engineering subjects. My goal is to use teaching methods and technologies that engage students and prepare them to meet the challenges posed by the complex problems and uncertain outcomes they will face in their future careers.

I am also interested in researching: 1) the treatment of end-stage heart failure with medical devices designed to augment cardiac output, 2) the identification and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease earlier than currently possible by creating tools and methods based on blood pressure and flow waveform morphology, and 3) new and novel ways to visually display heart function by creating realistic and interactive models.

Select Publications

Tyberg JV, Bouwmeester JC, Burrowes LM, Parker KH, Shrive NG, Wang JJ. A new teaching model of the systemic circulation that incorporates reservoir characteristics. Artery Research. 2015; 10:38-41 

Bouwmeester JC, Belenkie I, Shrive NG, Tyberg JV. Genesis of the characteristic pulmonary venous pressure waveform as described by the reservoir-wave model. J Physiol. 2014; 592(17):3801-3812 

Bouwmeester JC, Belenkie I, Shrive NG, Tyberg JV. Wave reflections in the pulmonary arteries analysed with the reservoir-wave model. J Physiol. 2014; 592(14):3053-3062

Tyberg JV, Bouwmeester JC, Parker KH, Shrive NG, Wang JJ. The case for the reservoir-wave approach. Int J Cardiol. 2014; 172(2):299-306 

Bouwmeester JC, Belenkie I, Shrive NG, Tyberg JV. Partitioning pulmonary vascular resistance using the reservoir-wave model. J Appl Physiol. 2013; 115(12):1838-1845

Tyberg JV, Bouwmeester JC, Shrive NG, Wang JJ. Crosstalk opposing view: Forward and backward pressure waves in the arterial system do not represent reality. J Physiol. 2013; 591:1171-3: discussion 1175.

Wang JJ, Bouwmeester JC, Belenkie I, Shrive NG, Tyberg JV. Alterations in aortic wave reflection with vasodilatation and vasoconstriction in anaesthetized dogs. Canad J Cardiol. 2012; 29:243-53.

Sridharan SS, Burrowes LM, Bouwmeester JC, Wang JJ, Shrive NG, Tyberg JV. Classical electrical and hydraulic windkessel model validate physiological calculations of windkessel (reservoir) pressure. Canad J Physiol Pharmacol. 2012; 90:579-585.

Tyberg JV, Shrive NG, Bouwmeester JC, Parker KH, Wang JJ. The reservoir-Wave paradigm: potential implications for hypertension. Current Hypertension Reviews. 2008; 4(3):203-213.