Mallar Chakravarty

Mallar Chakravarty | Assistant Professor
BEng (Waterloo), MEng, PhD (McGill)

Main Appointments

  • Researcher & Douglas Institute Computational Neuroscientist, Brain Imaging Centre, Douglas Mental Health University Institute
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University

Additional Appointments

  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
  • Adjunct Scientist, Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest

Contact Information

Douglas Mental Health University Institute
c/o Jocelyn Lahoud
Centre d’imagerie cérébrale Pavilion, 6875 LaSalle Boulevard, Room GH-2112
Montréal, Quebec H4H 1R3 Canada

+1 (514) 761–6131 extension 4753 (office) (email)

Research Theme

Research Areas

Computational Brain Anatomy, image processing, bioinformatics, magnetic resonance imaging, hippocampus, hippocampus subfields, striatum

Research Interests

Mallar Chakravarty is interested in the anatomy of the brain. His group focuses on how anatomy changes through development, aging, and in illness and how the dynamics of brain anatomy are influenced by genetics and environment.

He leads the Computational Brain Anatomy (CoBrA) Laboratory at the Brain Imaging Centre. His group is a dynamic multi-disciplinary laboratory that is interested the anatomy of the brain and specifically:

  • how it matures through adolescence
  • how it stays healthy through the normal ageing process
  • how alterations in brain anatomy are related to neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and neurodevelopmental disorders such as schizophrenia.

To do so, he uses and develops sophisticated computational neuroanatomy techniques that are able to automatically parse the geometric complexity of brain anatomy.

Select Publications

Fan Liu, Fedde van der Lijn, Claudia Schurmann, Gu Zhu, M. Mallar Chakravarty , Pirro G. Hysi, Andreas Wollstein, Oscar Lao, Marleen de Bruijne, M. Arfan Ikram, Aad van der Lugt, Fernando Rivadeneira, André G. Uitterlinden, Albert Hofman, Wiro J. Niessen, Georg Homuth, Amro Daboul, Ralf Puls, Katrin Hegenscheid, Liisa Bevan, Zdenka Pausova, Sarah E. Medland, Grant W. Montgomery, Stefan Boehringer, Timothy D. Spector, Tomáš Paus, Nicholas G. Martin, Reiner Biffar, and Manfred Kayser for the International Visible Trait Genetics (VisiGen) Consortium. A genome-wide association study of shape variations in human face. PLoS Genetics. In press.

Aristotle N Voineskos, Daniel Felsky, Natasa Kovacevic, Arun K. Tiwari, Clement Zai , M. Mallar Chakravarty , Nancy J. Lobaugh, Martha E. Shenton, Tarek K. Rajji, Dielle Miranda, Bruce G. Pollock, Benoit H. Mulsant, Anthony R. McIntosh, James L. Kennedy. Oligodendrocyte and Myelin Genes, White Matter Tract Integrity, and Cognition in Schizophrenia. Cerebral Cortex. In press .

Ilyse D. Lax, Sarah Y. Lin, Emma G. Duerden, M. Mallar Chakravarty , Elizabeth J. Donner, Jason P. Lerch, and Margot J. Taylor. Neuroanatomical consequences of very preterm birth in middle childhood. Brain Structure and Function. In press.

M. Mallar Chakravarty , Patrick Steadman, Matthijs C. van Eede, Rebecca D. Calcott, Victoria Gu, Philip Shaw, Armin Raznahan, D. Louis Collins, and Jason P. Lerch. Performing label-fusion based segmentation using multiple automatically generated templates . Human Brain Mapping. In press .

Tomáš Paus, Manon Bernard, M. Mallar Chakravarty , George Davey Smith, Jesse Gillis, Anbarasu Lourdusamy, Melkaye G. Melka, Gabriel Leonard, Paul Pavlidis, Michel Perron, G. Bruce Pike, Louis Richer, Gunter Schumann, Nicholas Timpson, Roberto Toro, Suzanne Veillette, and Zdenka Pausova. KCTD8 gene and brain growth in adverse intrauterine environment: a genome-wide association study. Cerebral Cortex. In press.

Philip Gerretsen, M. Mallar Chakravarty, David Mamo, Mahesh Menon, Bruce G. Pollock, Tarek K Rajji, and Ariel Graff. Anosognosia or lack of insight in Schizophrenia: VBM and hemispheric asymmetry analyses. Human Brain Mapping. In press.

Till Sprenger, Christian L. Seifert, Michael Valet, Anna P. Andreou, Annette Foerschler, Claus Zimmer, D. Louis Collins, Peter J. Goadsby, Thomas R. Tölle, and M. Mallar Chakravarty . Assessing the risk of thalamic pain by MRI lesion mapping . Brain. 135(8): 2536—45.

Joel Aanerud, Per Borghammer, M. Mallar Chakravarty , Kim Vang, Anders B. Rodell, Kristjana Y. Jónsdottir, Arne Møller, Mahmoud Ashkanian, Manouchehr S. Vafaee, Peter Iversen, Peter Johannsen, and Albert Gjedde. Effects of healthy aging on brain energy metabolism and blood flow. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. 32(7):1777—87, 2012.

Rikke B. Reese, Jesper Frandsen, M. Mallar Chakravarty, Jamila Ahdidan, Leif Sørensen, Raben Rosenberg, Leif Østergaard, and Poul Videbech. Correlations between neuronal pathways in late-onset major depression and cognitive performance on Stroop’s test: A novel neuroimaging approach. Journal of Psychiatry: NeuroImaging.202(2):142—9, 2012.

M. Mallar Chakravarty , Daniel Felsky, Maria Tampakeras, Jason P. Lerch, Benoit H. Mulsant, James L. Kennedy, and Aristotle N. Voineskos. DISC1 and striatal volume: a potential risk phenotype for mental illness. Frontiers in Neuropsychiatric Imaging and Stimulation. 3(57): 10.3389/fpsyt.2012.00057, 2012.

Per Borghammer, Søren Baarsgaard Hansen, Carsten Eggers, M. Mallar Chakravarty , Kim Vang, Joel Aanerud, Anders Rodell, Ole Lajord Munk, David Keator, and Albert Gjedde. Glucose metabolism in small basal ganglia structures in patients with Parkinson’s disease – a high resolution PET study. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica.125(5):303—10, 2012.

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