Yoav Finer

Yoav Finer | Associate Professor & George Zarb / Nobel Bio Care Chair in Prosthodontics
BSc (Hebrew), DMD (Hebrew), MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)

Main Appointments

  • Faculty of Dentistry

Additional Appointments

  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information

Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto
124 Edward Street
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1G6 Canada

+1 416 979-4903, extension 4554 (office)
yoav.finer@dentistry.utoronto.ca (email)

Research Theme

Research Interests

  • Composite resin biodegradation, bacterial role and host-biomaterial interactions
  • Physical and surface characterization of dental polymers, dental biomaterial development.
  • Photothermal radiometry and modulated laser luminescence to detect enamel caries lesions.
  • Developing diverse metallic options for implant supported prostheses.
  • Developing manufacturing methods to improve the accuracy of implant supported prostheses.

Select Publications

Hellen A, Mandelis A, Finer Y, Amaechi BT, Quantitative remineralization evolution kinetics of artificially demineralized human enamel using photothermal radiometry and modulated luminescence, Journal of Biophotonics, Accepted, June 2011.

Hellen A, Mandelis A, Finer Y, Amaechi BT, Quantitative evaluation of the kinetics of human enamel simulated caries kinetics using Photothermal Radiometry and Modulated Luminescence, Journal of Biomedical Optics 16(7):071406-1-13 (2011).

Hellen A, Matvienko A, Mandelis A, Finer Y, Amaechi BT, Optothermophysical properties of demineralized human dental enamel determined using photothermally generated diffuse photon density and thermal-wave fields, Applied Optics, 49:36 (2010).

Kermanshahi S, Santerre JP, Cvitkovitch D, Finer Y, Biodegradation of Resin-Dentin Interfaces Increases Bacterial Microleakage, J. Dent. Res., 89(9):996-1001, (2010).

Shokati B, Tam L, Santerre JP, Finer Y, Effect of Salivary Esterase on the Integrity and Fracture Toughness of the Resin-Dentin Interface, J. Biomed. Mater. Res., 94B(1),230–237, (2010).

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