Sidhartha Goyal

Sidhartha Goyal | Assistant Professor
BTech (IIT Bombay), MS (U of Washington), PhD (Princeton)

Main Appointments

  • Department of Physics

Additional Appointments

  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
  • Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Contact Information

McLennon Physical Laboratory (MP)
255 Huron Street, Room 504
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A7 Canada

+1 416 946-0672 (office) (email)
Biophysics & Evolutionary Dynamics (web)

Research Theme

Research Interests

We are a computational/experimental biology group interested in collective dynamics of large collection of cells at evolutionary, ecological, and developmental time scales. Our current projects include:

  1. Phage-bacteria co-evolution
  2. Mitochondrial aging
  3. Blood repopulation kinetics

Select Publications

Mechanisms of blood homeostasis: lineage tracking and a neutral model of cell populations in rhesus macaques. S Goyal, S Kim, ISY Chen, T Chou. BMC biology 13 (1), 85 2015.

Stem cells: Chasing blood. S Goyal, PW Zandstra. Nature 518 (7540), 488-490 2015

Collective polarization model for gradient sensing via Dachsous-Fat intercellular signaling. M Mani, S Goyal, KD Irvine, BI Shraiman

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (51), 20420-20425 2013

Dynamic mutation–selection balance as an evolutionary attractor. S Goyal, DJ Balick, ER Jerison, RA Neher, BI Shraiman, MM Desai. Genetics 191 (4), 1309-1319 2012

Achieving optimal growth through product feedback inhibition in metabolism. S Goyal, J Yuan, T Chen, JD Rabinowitz, NS Wingreen. PLoS Comput Biol 6 (6), e1000802 2010

Information processing and signal integration in bacterial quorum sensing. P Mehta, S Goyal, T Long, BL Bassler, NS Wingreen. Molecular systems biology 5 (1) 2009

A quantitative comparison of sRNAbased and proteinbased gene regulation. P Mehta, S Goyal, NS Wingreen. Molecular systems biology 4 (1) 2008

Growth-induced instability in metabolic networks. S Goyal, NS Wingreen. Physical review letters 98 (13), 138105 2007

Hydrophobic non-fouling surfaces for droplet based microfluidic bioanalytical systems. A Shastry, S Goyal, BD Ratner, KF Böhringer. The 10th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and … 2006

Novel design technique for nonlinear MIS capacitors. P Jain, S Goyal. International journal of electronics 91 (2), 71-81 2004