Axel Guenther

Axel Guenther | Professor & Wallace G. Chalmers Chair of Engineering Design
MSc (Hanover, Germany), PhD (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich)

Main Appointments

  • Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Additional Appointments

  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information

Office: Mechanical Building, 5 King’s College Road, Room 416

+1 416 978-1282 (office) (email)
Guenther Laboratory—Fluidic Microprocessors for Life & Materials Sciences (web)

Research Areas

The “lab-on-a-chip” concept of miniaturizing and integrating different laboratory processes takes advantage of controlled fluid flow behavior on small scales, allows reduced reagent consumption and automation. The Guenther Research Group at the University of Toronto draws from the areas of fluid mechanics, colloidal material synthesis, as well as micro/nanofabrication. We investigate fundamentals of transport processes associated with micro/nanoscale flows and aim at translating these fundamentals into powerful technical solutions.

We are particularly interested in realizing dynamically changing microenvironments for applications in materials science and biomedicine. Current applications include (1) the controlled preparation of organized colloidal and bulk materials, (2) high-throughput platforms for microvascular research and biopharmaceutical drug discovery, and (3) microfluidic strategies for probing complex cellular decision processes.

Select Publications

Guenther, A; Yasotharan, S; Vagaon, A, et al. “A microfluidic platform for probing small artery structure and function” Lab Chip. 10(18), 2341-2349, 2010. Highlight article and related YouTube Video

Park, I., Saffari, A. Kumar, S. et al. “Microfluidic synthesis of polymer and inorganic particulate materials” Ann. Rev. Mat. Sci. 40(40), 415-443, 2010.

de Mas, N., Guenther, A., Schmidt, M.A., Jensen, K.F. “Increasing productivity of microreactors for fast gas-liquid reactions: the case of direct fluorination of toluene” Ind. & Eng. Chem. Res. 48(3), 1428-1434, 2009.

Kreutzer, M.T., Guenther, A., Jensen, K.F. “Sample dispersion for segmented flow in microchannels with rectangular cross section” Anal. Chem. 80 (5), 1558-1567, 2008.

Muradoglu, M., Guenther, A., Stone, H.A. “A computational study of axial dispersion in segmented gas-liquid flow” Physics of Fluids 19 (7) 072109, 2007.

Guenther, A., Jensen, K.F. “Multiphase microchemical systems: from flow characteristics to chemical and materials synthesis,” Lab on a Chip, 6, 1487-1503, 2006.

Guenther, A., Jhunjhunwala, M., Thalmann, M., Schmidt, M.A., and Jensen, K.F. “Micromixing of miscible liquids in segmented gas-liquid flow” Langmuir, 21 (4), 1547-1555, 2005.

Yen, B.K.H., Guenther, A., Schmidt, M.A., Jensen, K.F., Bawendi, M.G. “A microfabricated gas-liquid segmented flow reactor for high temperature synthesis: the case of CdSe quantum dots” Ang. Chemie, Int. Ed., 44 (34), 2005.

Guenther, A., Khan, S.A., Trachsel, F., Thalmann, M., Jensen, K.F. “Transport and reaction in microscale segmented flow” Lab on a Chip, 4, pp. 278-286, 2004.

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