Mohammad Islam

Mohammad Islam | Assistant Professor
BSc (Rajshani), MSc (Rajshani), MS (Florida), PhD (Florida)

Main Appointments

  • Department of Radiation Oncology
  • Senior Physicist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network (UHN)

Additional Appointments

  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
610 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2M9 Canada

+1 416 946-4501, extension 5074 (office) (email)

Research Theme

Research Interests

Dosimetry of precision radiation therapy including IMRT, Clinical application of IMRT. Treatment verification utilizing electronic portal imaging devices and on-line 3D imaging.

Select Publications

Rawlinson A, Islam MK, Galbraith DG: Dose to radiation therapists from activation at high energy linear accelerators used for conventional and intensity modulated radiation therapy: J Med Phys. 29(4):598-608, 2002.

Ramaseshan R, Kohli K, Zhang T J, Lam T, Norlinger B, Islam M: Performance Characteristics of Micro MOSFET as an In-vivo dosimeter in radiation therapy. Phys Med Biol 49:4031-48, 2004.

Yeo I, Beiki A, Cho Y, Heydarian M, Zhang T, Islam M: EDR2 film Dosimetry for IMRT verification using low-energy photon filters Med Phys, 31(7):1960-3, 2004.

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