Eugenia Kumacheva

Eugenia Kumacheva | Professor & Canada Research Chair, Advanced Polymer Materials
BS (Technical University), MSc (Leningrad), PhD (Moscow)

Main Appointments

  • Department of Chemistry

Additional Appointments

  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information

+1 416 978-3576 (office) (email)

Research Themes

Research Interests

Polymer Materials Science

Conceptualization and design of polymer nanostructured materials with advanced properties: synthesis and fabrication of photonic crystals, development of materials for 3D optical memory storage, optical limiting and switching, strain sensing, security documents, and drug delivery, based on bioconjugated stimuli-responsive microgels. Development of unconventional approaches to the fabrication of nanostructures.


Development of new quantitative approaches to self-assembly of molecules, nanoparticles, and micrometer-size objects. Self-assembly in confined geometries and the action of external fields. Structural hierarchy covering micro- meso- to nanoscales. Dynamic and static self-assembly.

Polymers in Biological applications

Patterning of surfaces with polymers to achieveniche-mediated control of stem cell fate, modeling of flow of cells through heterogeneous environments in blood vessels, assembly of biopolymer-encapsulated bubbles for simultaneous ultrasound imaging and site-specific drug delivery.


Continuous microfluidic reactors for synthesis and fabrication of microscopic polymeric colloids with predetermined size, shape, morphology, and  composition. Studies of the kinetics and thermodynamics of gas-liquid reactions. Hydrodynamic control of self-assembly. Studies of flow of complex fluids in constrained geometries. Studies of sequestration of reactive gases such as carbon dioxide.

Polymers in Constrained Geometries

Fundamental studies of polymer thin films: polymer-surface interactions, confinement and action of externals fields on properties of polymer brushes, adsorbed polymers, liquid crystalline polymers, and surface micellar gels. Direct angstrom level studies of equilibrium and dynamic forces acting in confined polymer films. Polymer nanotribology.

Non-equilibrium phenomena in complex fluids

Nonlinear effects in polymer films.  Studies of Benard-Marangoni and Rayleigh-Benard convection in oligomeric and monomeric fluids, and in phase-separating polymer solutions; pattern formation, creation of highly periodic mesostructures by trapping or templating convection patterns in the solid state.

Select Publications

Abolhasani, M.; Singh, M.; Kumacheva, E.; Günther, A. Automated Microfluidic Platform for Studies of Carbon Dioxide Dissolution and Solubility in Physical Solvents. Lab Chip  (accepted)

Li, W.; Liu, K.; Simms, R.; Greener, J.; Jagadeesan, D.; Pinto, S.; Guenther, A.; Kumacheva, E.* A Microfluidic Study of Fast Gas-Liquid Reactions. J. Am. Chem. Soc. (accepted).

Eftekhari, F.; Lee, A.; Kumacheva, E.; Helmy, A. S. Examining Metal Nanoparticles Surface Chemistry using Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fiber Assisted Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. Optics Lett. (accepted)

Greener, J.; Tumarkin, E.; Debono, M.; Dicks, A.; Kumacheva, E.* A Microfluidic Platform for University-Level Analytical Chemistry Laboratories. Lab Chip (accepted).

Petukhova, A.; Greener, J.; Liu, K.; Nykypanchuk, D.; Nicolaÿ, R.; Matyjaszewski, K.; Kumacheva, E.* Standing Arrays of Gold Nanorods End-Tethered with Polymer Ligands. Small (accepted).

Greener, J.; Tumarkin, E.; Debono, M.; Kwan, C-H.; Abolhasani, M.; Günther, A.; Kumacheva, E.* Development and Applications of a Microfluidic Reactor with Multiple Reconfigurable Analytical Probes. Analyst 137, 444-450 (2012).

Tumarkin, E.; Nie, Z.; Park, J.I.; Kumacheva, E.* Temperature Mediated Generation of Armoured Bubbles. Chem. Comm. 47, 12712-12714 (2011).

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