Azadeh Kushki

Azadeh Kushki

Azadeh Kushki | Assistant Professor
BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)

Main Appointments

  • Mary & James W. Davie Scientist, Bloorview Research Institute, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information

Bloorview Research Institute
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
150 Kilgour Road
Toronto, Ontario M4G 1R8

+1 416-425-6220, extension 6378 (office) (email)
The Autism Research Centre (web)

Research Themes

Research Interests

  • Pattern analysis and machine learning algorithms for understanding the neurobiology of autism spectrum disorder and related neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Analytics techniques for integration of heterogeneous behavioural and biological data
  • Development of wearable technologies for treatment delivery in naturalistic settings

Select Publications

A Kushki, J Brian, A Dupuis, E Anagnostou. Functional Autonomic Nervous System Profile in Children with ASD. Molecular Austim. 2014 Jul;5:39.

A Fleury, A Kushki, N Tanel, A Dupuis, E Anagnostou, T Chau. “Statistical persistence and timing characteristics of repetitive circle drawing in children with ASD”. Developmental Neurorehabilitation. 2013. In Press.

S Moghimi, A Kushki, AM Guerguerian, T Chau. “EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces as Access Pathways for Individuals with Severe Disabilities: A Literature Review”. Journal of Assistive Technology. 2013. In Press.

KAR Doyle-Thomas, A Kushki, EG Duerden, MJ Taylor, JP Lerch, LV Soorya, AT Wang, J Fan, E Anagnostou. “The Effect of Diagnosis, Age, and Symptom Severity on Surface Area in Autism Spectrum Disorders”. Journal of Child Neurology. 2013. In Press.

A Kushki, Ellen Drumm, Michele Pla Mobarak, Nadia Tanel, Annie Dupuis, Tom Chau, Evdokia Anagnostou. “Investigating the Autonomic Nervous System Response to Anxiety in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders”. PLoS One. 2013;8(4):e59730.

S Moghimi, A Kushki, AM Guerguerian, T Chau. “Characterizing Emotional Response to Music in the Prefrontal Cortex using Near Infrared Spectroscopy”. Neuroscience Letters. 2012;525(1):7-11.

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