Jérémie Lefebvre

Jérémie Lefebvre | Assistant Professor
BSc, PhD (Ottawa)

Main Appointments

  • Scientist, Krembil Research Institute, University Health Network

Additional Appointments

  • Department of Mathematics
  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information

Krembil Research Institute, University Health Network
Krembil Discovery Tower, 60 Leonard Avenue, Room 7KD412
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2S8 Canada

+1 416 507-6935 (office)
+1 (416) 603-6274 (fax)
jeremie.lefebvre@uhnresearch.ca (email)
SYNC lab, Fundamental Neurobiology Division (web)

Research Theme

Research Interests

My work lies at the interface of applied mathematics and computational neuroscience.

My lab analyzes neural circuits’ dynamics to better understand the intricate links between brain activity, neural computations and cognition.

Driven by clinical and experimental data gathered amongst the various neuroscience centers of Toronto, I use mathematical models to understand how to control brain activity and guide neural synchronization using electromagnetic stimulation.

We also focus on how neurophysiological disorders impact features of brain signals gathered through various modalities. Using a combination of interdisciplinary approaches drawn from the fields of applied mathematics, physics and computer science, my team and I investigate how noise and non-linearity shape the complexity of brain function.

Select Publications

Herrmann C., Ionta S., Hutt A, Murray MM, Lefebvre J.(2016) Shaping Intrinsic Oscillatory Neural Activity with Periodic Stimulation. Journal of Neuroscience 36(19):5328-37;

Alagapan S., Schmidt S.L., Lefebvre J., Shin H.W. and Frohlich F. (2016) Modulation of Cortical Oscillations by Low-Frequency Direct Cortical Stimulation Is State-Dependent. PLOS Biology 14(3): e1002424;

Lefebvre J., Hutt A., Whittingstall K., Murray M.M. (2015) Stimulus statistics shape oscillations in non-linear recurrent neural networks, Journal of Neuroscience 35(7):2895-2903;

Lefebvre J., Hutt A. (2013) Additive noise quenches delay-induced oscillations, Europhysics Letters, 102, 6:60003;

Levin P., Lefebvre J., Perkins T. (2012) What Do Molecules Do When We’re Not Looking? State Sequence Analysis for Stochastic Chemical Systems. The Journal of the Royal Society Interface 9, 3411-3425 ;

Hutt A., Lefebvre J., Longtin A. (2012) Delay stabilizes stochastic systems near a non-oscillatory instability. Europhysics Letters. 98: 20004;