Alex Mihailidis

Alex Mihailidis

Alex Mihailidis | Professor
BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Strathclyde), PEng

Main Appointments

  • Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
  • Senior Scientist & Barbara G. Stymiest Research Chair in Rehabilitation Technology, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI), University Health Network
  • Scientific Director, AGE-WELL

Additional Appointments

  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Rehabilitation Science

Contact Information

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
500 University Avenue, Room 438
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1V7 Canada

+1 416 946-8565 (office) (email)
Intelligent Assistive Technology & Systems Lab (web)

Research Themes

Research Areas

Rehabilitation engineering; assistive technology; artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensing, smart homes, older adults, dementia, cognitive disability

Research Interests

Dr. Mihailidis conducts research in the field of pervasive computing and intelligent systems in health. He has specifically focused on the development of intelligent home systems for elder care and wellness, technology for children with autism, and adaptive tools for nurses and clinical applications. His research has been completed through collaborations with other researchers in this field from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and with various industrial partners.

Select Publications

Taati, J., Snoek, J. and A. Mihailidis. (in press). Video Analysis for Identifying Human Operation Difficulties and Faucet Usability Assessment. Neurocomputing.

Bimbrahw, J., Boger, J. and Mihailidis, A. (2012). Efficacy of a Computerized Prompting Device to Assist Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Handwashing: A Pilot Study. Assistive Technology, 24(4), 286-298.

Jamieson, M., Eskin, Y., Fazly, A., Stevenson, S. and Dickinson, S. (2012). Discovering Hierarchical Object Models from Captioned Images. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 116(7), 842-853.

Wilson, R., Rochon, E., Mihailidis, A. and Leonard, C. (2012). Examining success of communication strategies used by formal caregivers assisting individuals with Alzheimer’s disease during an activity of daily living. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 55(2), 328-341.

Lu, E., Wang, R., Huq, R., Gardner, D., Karam, P., Zabjek, K., Hébert, D., Boger, J. and Mihailidis, A. (2012). Development of a robotic device for upper limb stroke rehabilitation: A user-centered design approach. Paladyn. Journal of Behavioral Robotics, 2(4), 176-184.

Wang, R. H., Mihailidis, A., Dutta, T. and Fernie, G. R. (2011). Usability testing of multimodal feedback interface and simulated collision-avoidance power wheelchair for long-term-care home residents with cognitive impairments. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 48(6), 801-22.

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