Craig A. Simmons

Craig Simmons

Craig Simmons | Distinguished Professor of Mechanobiology
BSc (Guelph), SM (MIT), PhD (Toronto), FAIMBE, FCSME, PEng

Main Appointments

  • Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
  • Scientific Director, U of T Translational Biology & Engineering Program (TBEP), Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research

Additional Appointments

  • Faculty of Dentistry

Contact Information

U of T Translational Biology & Engineering Program
Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research
MaRS West Tower, 661 University Avenue, 14th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1M1 Canada

+1 416 946-0548 (office) (email)
Cellular Mechanobiology Laboratory (web)

TBEP Administration

+ 1 416 946-TBEP (8237) (office) (email)

Research Themes

Research Interests

Cellular mechanobiology, biomechanics, tissue engineering, and biomedical engineering. Approaches integrate experimental and computational cell mechanics with state-of-the-art quantitative cellular and molecular biology. Current applications include stem cell-based tissue engineering; mechanobiological studies of heart valve calcification; and the development of novel technologies for high throughput mechanobiology.

Select Publications

Osteocyte apoptosis regulates osteoclast precursor adhesion via osteocytic IL-6 secretion and endothelial ICAM-1 expression. Cheung WY, Simmons CA, You L. Bone. 2012 Jan. 50(1):104-10.

Hydrogel Substrate Stiffness and Topography Interact to Induce Contact Guidance in Cardiac Fibroblasts. Al-Haque S, Miklas JW, Feric N, Chiu LL, Chen WL, Simmons CA, Radisic M. Macromol Biosci. 2012 Oct. 12(10):1342-53. 2012 Aug 27.

The elastic properties of valve interstitial cells undergoing pathological differentiation.
Wyss K, Yip CY, Mirzaei Z, Jin X, Chen JH, Simmons CA. J Biomech. 2012 Mar 15. 45(5):882-7.

A digital microfluidic platform for primary cell culture and analysis. Srigunapalan S, Eydelnant IA, Simmons CA, Wheeler AR. Lab Chip. 2012 Jan 21. 12(2):369-75.

An improved texture correlation algorithm to measure substrate-cytoskeletal network strain transfer under large compressive strain. Zhao R, Simmons CA. J Biomech. 2012 Jan 3. 45(1):76-82. Epub 2011 Oct 24.

Calcific aortic valve disease: not simply a degenerative process: A review and agenda for research from the National Heart and Lung and Blood Institute Aortic Stenosis Working Group. Executive summary: Calcific aortic valve disease-2011 update. Rajamannan NM, Evans FJ, Aikawa E, Grande-Allen KJ, Demer LL, Heistad DD, Simmons CA, Masters KS, Mathieu P, O’Brien KD, Schoen FJ, Towler DA, Yoganathan AP, Otto CM. Circulation. 2011 Oct 18. 124(16):1783-91.

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