John G. Sled

John Sled | Professor
BASc (UBC), MEng (McGill), PhD (McGill)

Main Appointments

  • Senior Scientist, Mouse Imaging Centre, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Professor & Vice-Chair, Department of Medical Biophysics

Additional Appointments

  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information

Hospital for Sick Children
Mouse Imaging Centre
555 University Ave
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8 Canada

+1 416 813-7654, extension 309557 (office) (email)

Research Interests

Imaging technologies adapted to study experimental mice have a unique role in addressing current questions about the relationships between genes and disease.

The sequencing of the human and mouse genomes in combination with the powerful genetic tools now available for the mouse have brought mice to the forefront as a means to understand development and model human disease. These genetic relationships, however, tend to be complex with genes having multiple roles and often complex interactions with other genetic and environmental factors.

As with clinical practice, imaging technologies provide a means to examine in vivo the structure and function of whole organs or the whole mouse. This high level view allows one to find genotypephenotype relationships that are unexpected and allows one to examine questions about the patterning and structure of an organism that would not be apparent in a more focused molecular or cellular analysis.

Select Publications

S. Kulandavelu, D. Qu, N. Sunn, J. Mu, M. Rennie, K. Whiteley, J. Walls, N.A. Bock, J. Sun, A. Covelli, J.G. Sled, S.L. Adamson. “Embryonic and Neonatal Phenotyping of Genetically Engineered Mice.” ILAR (In press), 2005.

B.J. Nieman, A.M. Flenniken, R.M. Henkelman, J.G. Sled. “Anatomical Phenotyping in the Brain and Skull of Mutant Mice by Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computer Tomography.” Physiological Genomics (In press), 2005. R.M. Henkelman, X.J. Chen, J.G. Sled. “Disease phenotyping: Structural and functional readouts.” In: Imaging in Drug Discovery and Early Clinical Trials. Ed. Marcus Rubin. Berlin: Birkhäuser Verlag, 2005.

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