Sowmya Viswanathan

Sowmya Viswanathan | Assistant Professor
BASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)

Main Appointments

  • Affiliate Scientist, Krembil Research Institute, University Health Network (UHN)
  • Cell Therapy Program, University Health Network (UHN)

Additional Appointments

  • Director, Cell Manufacturing Platform, CellCAN
  • Division of Hematology, Department of Medicine
  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
  • Regulatory & Manufacturing Advisor, Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine (OIRM)

Contact Information

Toronto Western Hospital
Krembil Discovery Tower, 60 Leonard Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2S8 Canada

+1 416 634-7239 (email)

Research Themes

Research Interests

Dr. Viswanathan is investigating the use of anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory strategies, primarily cell-based, to treat inflammation in osteoarthritis (OA). She is interested in how mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCS) impact inflammation in OA.

She has recently initiated a clinical trial as co-principal investigator, a first in Canada (NCT02351011; clinical, to examine the immunomodulatory role of autologous MSCs in OA.

Dr. Viswanathan is also evaluating new strategies to improve MSC therapeutic potency including identifying appropriate sub-populations, engineering MSCs, and combining MSCs with carriers. A related strategy involves re-programming resident monocytes/macrophages to a less inflammatory phenotype in the OA joint to ameliorate the microenvironment; this approach could be used as an adjuvant or stand-alone therapy for OA. If proof-of-principle data is supportive, this research project may lead to the development of a new medical device to locally deliver re-programmed macrophages as a new treatment modality.

Dr. Viswanathan’s research program also involves screening for small molecules that can re-program joint-resident macrophages to a less inflammatory phenotype and validating those small molecules in OA explant models and animal models.

Select Publications

19F-perfluorocarbon-labeled human peripheral blood mononuclear cells can be detected in vivo using clinical MRI parameters in a therapeutic cell setting. Corby Fink, Jeffrey M. Gaudet, Matthew S. Fox, Shashank Bhatt, Sowmya Viswanathan, Michael Smith, Joseph Chin, Paula Foster, and Gregory A. Dekaban. Scientific Reports (2018), Volume 8, Issue 1, Page 590.

Strategy for an abbreviated in-house qualification of a commercially available Rapid Microbiology Method (RMM) for Canadian regulatory approval. Cytotherapy. 2017 Oct 20. pii: S1465-3249(17)30703-X. doi: 10.1016/j.jcyt.2017.09.004. [Epub ahead of print] Chisholm J, Bhatt S, Chaboureau A, Viswanathan S.

A phase I trial of NK-92 cells for refractory hematological malignancies relapsing after autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation shows safety and evidence of efficacy. Oncotarget. 2017 Jul 12;8(51):89256-89268. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.19204. eCollection 2017 Oct 24. Williams BA, Law AD, Routy B, denHollander N, Gupta V, Wang XH, Chaboureau A, Viswanathan S, Keating A.

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