Robert A. Weersink

Robert Weersink | Adjunct Professor
BSc (Western), PhD (Toronto), MCCPM

Main Appointments

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology

Additional Appointments

  • Adjunct Professor, Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
  • Affiliated faculty, Techna Institute for the Advancement of Technology for Health (Techna), University Health Network

Contact Information

MaRS Discovery District
Toronto Medical Discovery Tower, 101 College Street, 7th Floor (STTARR)
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1L7

+1 416 274-7518 (office) (email)

Research Theme

  • Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging & Systems Biology

Research Areas

Integrating of Surgical and Radiation Therapy Technologies

Navigation, image-guidance and augmented visualization have become common tools in many surgical fields and interventional radiology. Simultaneously, radiation therapy today is critically dependent on image-guidance and computerized treatment planning.

Our group is developing methods of integrating several image guidance and navigation tools from both surgery and radiation therapy into a common treatment planning, delivery and monitoring platform. These include:

  • Navigation and augmented visualization tools for brachytherapy
  • Improved contouring methods for radiation therapy in luminal cancers by the registration of endoscopic imaging to CT and MR imaging
  • Treatment planning that integrates both surgical and radiation modalities
  • Treatment planning and real-time monitoring of locally ablative therapies such as photodynamic and photothermal therapies, including the use of enhanced nanotechnology agents

Select Publications

Weersink RA, Ansell S, Wang A, Wilson G, Shah D, Lindsay PE Jaffray DA, “Integration of optical imaging with a small animal irradiator:, Med Phys 41, 102701, 2014.

He J, Wilson BC, Piao D and Weersink RA. Diffuse optical tomography to monitor the photocoagulation front during interstitial photothermal therapy: numerical simulations and measurements in tissue-simulating phantoms. Photon Lasers Med, 3(3) 241-254 2014.

Ng, K.K., M. Shakiba, E. Huynh, A. Weersink, A. Roxin, B.C. Wilson, and G. Zheng, Stimuli-Responsive Photoacoustic Nanoswitch for in Vivo Sensing Applications. Acs Nano, 2014. 8(8): p. 8363-8373.

PZ McVeigh, R Sacho, RA Weersink, VM Pereira, W Kucharczyk , EJ Seibel, BC Wilson, T Krings: High resolution angioscopic imaging during endovascular neurosurgery. Neurosurgery, Neurosurgery 75(2) 171-179, (2014).

Qiu J, Hope AJ, Cho BCJ, Sharpe MB, Dickie CI, DaCosta RS, Jaffray DA and Weersink RA. Displaying 3D radiation dose on endoscopic video for therapeutic assessment and surgical guidance, Phys. Med. Biol, 57(20): 6601-6614, 2012.

Weersink RA,  Qiu J, Daly M, Cho J, Breen S, Hope A, DaCosta RS, Jaffray D. Improving Superficial Target Delineation in Radiation Therapy with Endoscopic Tracking and Registration, Med. Phys, 38(12): 6458-6468, 2011.

Lindner U, Weersink RA, Haider MA, Gertner MR, Davidson SRH, Atri M, Wilson BC, Fenster A, Trachtenberg J: Image Guided Photothermal Focal Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer: Phase I Trial. J. Urol. 182(4): 1371-1377, 2009.

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Weersink RA, Bogaards A, Gertner M, Davidson SRH, Zhang K, Netchev G, Trachtenberg J, Wilson BC: Techniques for delivery and monitoring of TOOKAD (WST09)-mediated photodynamic therapy of the prostate: Clinical experience and practicalities. J. Photochem. Photobiol. B-Biol. 79(3): 211-222, 2005.