Monthly Archives: December 2014

U of T, Harvard collaborate on substance to repel blood clots and bacteria

Engineering a surface so slippery a gecko couldn’t climb it December 4, 2014 |Luke Ng & Sydney Goodfellow Engineering a surface that is so slippery even geckos can’t stick to it may sound like a fun science fair project. But new surface-coating technology developed by materials science and engineering professor Ben Hatton, together with colleagues… Read more »

Grand Challenges Canada funds IBBME team’s 1$ paper detection system for measles and rubella surveillance

While the Canadian government has recently pledged $500M to immunize children in the world’s poorest countries, rapid, inexpensive detection and surveillance systems for deadly diseases is crucial for countries that can’t afford to vaccinate their entire populations. It’s a challenge that University of Toronto researchers are meeting with an ingenious twist: a paper-based diagnostic system…. Read more »