IBBME Annual Research Conference 2017 celebrates biomedical engineering research achievements at U of T


Keynote speaker Todd Kuiken of Northwestern University (centre, right) with IBBME director Christopher Yip and the iARC 2017 organizing committee. (Photo: Max Giuliani).

May 11, 2017 | Story and photos by Luke Ng

On May 10, the Biomedical Engineering Students’ Association (BESA) hosted the 2017 IBBME Annual Research Conference (iARC) in the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library.

Co-chaired by PhD students Ben Ouyang and Wilson Poon, this year’s event hosted more than 300 members from the U of T Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering (IBBME) community to attend, present and be recognized for their research achievements in biomedical engineering over the past year.

Keynote speaker Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University (centre, right) with IBBME director Christopher Yip (centre, left) and conference co-chairs Ben Ouyang (right) and Wilson Poon (left).

In alignment with this year’s theme on Pushing Boundaries and Regaining Function, this year’s Edward Llewellyn-Thomas Distinguished Lectures welcomed Dr. Miguel Nicolelis from the Duke University School of Medicine to speak on the topic of neurological sciences and brain machine interfaces while Dr. Todd Kuiken of Northwestern University inspired the audience on his contributions to the area of physical rehabilitation.


IBBME professor Penney Gilbert delivers Innovations in Emerging Fields of Research keynote address. (Photo: @ibbme_iARC via Twitter)

The Innovations in Emerging Fields of Research Keynote hosted IBBME professor Penney Gilbert who presented her team’s latest work on muscle skeletal tissues.

Formerly known as Scientific Day, the event was renamed the IBBME Annual Research Conference to more accurately represent the magnitude and impact of this longest-running, U of T student-organized flagship event.

Here are some of the photos captured from the event. A list of poster and podium award winners are also provided below.

In photos

Faculty and students are having a fantastic time at iARC 2017.

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iARC 2017 committee member Buddhisha Udugama would really like everyone to return to the lecture area for the next series of podium presentations.


IBBME professors listening intently as their students present work at the podium talks.


As usual, student poster presentations are always a huge hit.

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IBBME graduate student researchers’ stellar work can make it quite hard for judges to pick the best ones.

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In the end, the winners are announced.

STTARR Best Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging and Systems Biology Poster Award
  • Winner—Christopher McFaul
  • Runner-up—Maneesha Rajora
OCCAM Best Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Poster Award
  • Winner—Shiva Hamidian Jahromi
  • Runner-up—Mohsen Afshar Bakooshli
Best Engineering in a Clinical Setting Poster Award
  • Winner—Sean Crawford
  • Runner-up—Ahnaf Rashik Hassan
Best Neural, Sensory Systems and Rehabilitation Poster Award
  • Winner—Daniel Vena
  • Runner-up—Firas Farah
NanoMedFab Best Podium Presentation Award
  • Winner—Miles Montgomery
  • Runner-ups (tie)—Yih Yang Chen, Leslie Louvelle

A special presentation was made by capstone design course professor Chris Bouwmeester to recognize PhD candidate Vicki Komisar, this year’s IBBME Teaching Award of Excellence winner!

BESA president Chaim Katz thanks the iARC 2017 organizing committee for all their hard work.


And the co-chairs seem proud and relieved.