Lab Attire Policy

The IBBME Health and Safety Policy, adapted from overarching U of T policies, requires that appropriate attire be worn in the laboratory environment when warranted, regardless of the season or weather.

The laboratory environment refers to workplaces where scientific experiments are conducted or any mechanical tools are used, regardless of their level of containment or type of materials and experiments. All individuals within these spaces must follow Ontario Ministry of Labour rules.

Mandatory dress code

  1. Long pants
  2. Closed-toe shoes with socks
  3. Tied back hair

Mandatory laboratory environment policy

  1. No food
  2. No drinks, including bottled water
  3. No chewing gum

Mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE)

  1. Lab coat (length must cover knees)
  2. Safety glasses or goggles
  3. Lab gloves

Open Concept Lab and Office Spaces

Office space combined with a laboratory, mechanical and/or prototyping space not separated by a wall or door is considered an open-concept workplace environment and the office shall be regarded as a laboratory.

Other Requirements

Requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) will be activity-dependent. However, it is highly recommended that PPE be worn in an open-lab or open-work environment if there is potential for splash, dust, reactive particles, chemical or biological contamination of any containment level.

Lab gloves are NOT to be worn in public areas. This includes main lab doors, common areas, hallway doors, etc. Gloves protect the user but will transfer contaminants to public surfaces.

Fines & Offenses

The Ontario Ministry of Labour inspectors will fine both the offender and management if these policies are not followed. It is the responsibility of the principal investigator (or lab manager designate) to ensure that all policies are followed.