Safety Manual & Policy

IBBME implements and maintains its own safety policy. For information on other safety policies in off-campus labs, please contact the individual health and safety offices or consult your supervisor.

  1. Every individual (student, faculty member, researcher, administrative or other support staff, volunteer, etc) shall participate in required safety training at the onset of their tenure with the IBBME (learning period as determined by the contract or direct supervisor). Every individual will proactively maintain up-to-date training as required. Authorization to enter specific workspaces (i.e., issuance of key cards or door keys) shall not be permitted until required training has been successfully completed.
  2. Every individual shall be aware of work-related safety hazards (ergonomic, biological, chemical, electrical, physical, psychosocial, etc) and their individual responsibilities, including documenting and reporting incidents.
  3. Access to Health & Safety-related information shall not be denied unless an individual’s privacy is of concern and must be protected (e.g., mental issues, treatment history, recovery process, etc.), particularly when this information is related to the person and not to the workplace.
  4. Implementation and enforcement of the IBBME Health & Safety Policies is the direct responsibility of the IBBME management and supervisors of individual units of the organization.
  5. The Health & Safety Policies shall be reviewed annually by the Health & Safety Committee. Recommendations resulting from the annual review shall be submitted to the IBBME administration for consideration and implementation.