Not all courses are offered each academic year. Please refer to the current course schedule (2016–2017) for a list of available courses.

BME 1010/1011Y—Graduate Student Seminar Schedule

MEng Courses

Master of Engineering courses are structured into three pillars and an internship in applied research (BME 1899). Courses from the biomedical engineering technology / science pillars also correspond to one of four IBBME research themes.

Course descriptions will be provided as they become available.

Courses & Requirements

MEng Handbook & Sample Curriculum Pathways

MASc, MHSc & PhD Courses

BME Courses

Required introductory course for MASc, MHSc & PhD students—BME 1450H: Bioengineering Science
Required seminar course for MASc, MHSc, PhD and collaborative program students
BME Courses for MHSc Clinical Engineering students only
BME courses for all IBBME students

DEN Courses

ECE Courses

JCB Courses

JEB Courses

JPB Courses

JMB Courses

JTB Courses

JTC Courses

PHY Courses