Course Calendar

Course Calendar 2017–2018

This course calendar may be subject to updates and changes. Please bookmark this page and revisit periodically for up-to-date listings.

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Course CodeCourse TitleSessionDay(s)Start TimeEnd TimeLocationInstructor
Structural Biology: Principles & PracticesC. Yip
Graduate Student Seminar SeriesFall /
W9am10amRS 211
BME1405HClinical Engineering Instrumentation IFallTh2pm4pmAssigned weeklyVarious
BME1436HClinical Engineering—SurgeryWinterVariousVariousVariousAssigned weeklyVarious
BME1439HClinical Engineering Instrumentation IIWinterTh2pm4pmAssigned weeklyVarious
BME1450HBioengineering ScienceFallM9am12pmRS 208C. Bouwmeester
BME1452HSignal ProcessingFallW1pm3pmMC 310M. Eizenman
BME1453HCellular Systems EngineeringWinterTBDTBDTBDTBDTBD
BME1454HRegenerative Medicine: Fundamentals & ApplicationsNot offered
BME1457H Biomedical NanotechnologyNot offered
BME1459HProtein EngineeringNot offered
BME1460HQuantitative Fluorescence Microscopy: Theory & Application to Live Cell ImagingNot offered
BME1462HBiological Image AnalysisWinterM4pm6pmRS 412R. Fernandez-Gonzalez
BME1466HAdvanced Topics in MRINot offered in 2018; will be available for Winter 2019N/AN/AN/AN/AH. L. Cheng
BME1471HRehabilitation EngineeringWinterT10am12pmRS 412K. Masani
BME1472HFundamentals of Neuromodulation Technology & Clinical ApplicationsWinterF10am12pmRS 412P. Yoo
BME1473HAcquisition & Processing of Bioelectric SignalsNot offered
BME1480HExperimental Design & Multivariate Analysis In BioengineeringFallTh, F10am12pmBA 2175 (Th), BA 2135 (F)J. Audet
BME1800HBiomedical Product Development IFallT12:30pm3:30pmRS 412H. Wodlinger
BME1801HBiomedical Product Development IIFallW2pm6pmRS 412P. Santerre
BME1802HApplying Human Factors to the Design of Medical DevicesWinterM9am12pmRS 412C. Bouwmeester
BME1899HInternship in Applied ResearchSummerN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
BME4444YPractice in Clinical EngineeringFall, Winter, SummerN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
DEN 1070Advances in Dental Materials ScienceVisit Faculty of Dentistry website for more infoY. Finer
DEN1081HBone Interfacing ImplantsVisit Faculty of Dentistry website for more infoJ. E. Davies
ECE1475HBiophotonicsNot offered
ECE1508HSpecial Topics in Communications: Introduction to Computational BiologyNot offered
ECE1774HSensory CyberneticsFallTBATBATBATBAW. Wong
JCB1349HMolecular Assemblies: Structure / Function / PropertiesWinterTBATBATBATBAC. Yip
JEB1365HUltrasound: Theory & Application in Biology & MedicineNot offered
JEB1433HMedical ImagingWinterTh10am1pmBA 2135A. Nachman
JEB1444HNeural EngineeringWinterT3pm5pmRS 412B. Bardakjian
JEB1447HCross listed with ECE 446. Visit the undergraduate course website for schedule.FallW. Wong
JMB1050HBiological & Bio-Inspired MaterialsNot offered
JPB1022HHuman Physiology as Related to BioengineeringFallT10am12pmRS 412A. Volchuk
JPB1055HBioengineering for Life ScientistsNot offered
JTB2010HVisit Dept. of Biochemistry website for more infoA. Emili
JTB2020HVisit Dept. of Biochemistry website for more infoB. Steipe
JTC1331HBiomaterials ScienceNot offered
PHY2704HCellular DynamicsVisit Dept. of Physics website for more infoJ. Milstein