Tuition & Money Matters

Tuition Fee Schedule

Fee and Registration Deadlines

Below are approximate timelines; students will be notified of exact dates from the IBBME Academic Programs Office via U of T email.

September Start

  • Late-August—deadline to make payment at the bank in order for payment to be processed by mid-September registration cut off
  • Mid-September—deadline to request fee deferral

January Start

  • Mid-January—deadline to register for winter session

Registration and Fees

Fee invoices can be found in your ROSI / ARBOR account.

Students must make a minimum payment toward fees in order to officially register in their program.

You are considered registered as soon as you have paid tuition and incidental fees or have requested to register without payment (also known as fee deferral).

How to pay your fees

Please note that in order to pay your fees, you must bring your fees invoice to your local bank and set up an account at the bank—the same way you would pay a bill—and pay the university through that account.

The University will not take any attempted payments made directly to the institution.

Students must either make their minimum payment as indicated on the invoice or defer their fees in order to register.  Students who fail to register on time will be assessed a late registration fee and risk having their registration cancelled.

It can take up to two weeks for payments made at the bank to be processed to your fees, so please allow yourself sufficient time before the deadline when making a payment.

Payment is considered made on that date it is applied to your fees, not the date payment is made at the bank.

Deferring your Fees

MASc, PhD and Collaborative Specialization students

A fee deferral option is available on ROSI / ARBOR for MASc, PhD and collaborative program students under your account information.

Please indicate research stipend as source of funding when requesting a fee deferral.

Students who indicate OSAP as their funding source will still accrue interest on their balance.

Once your fees have been deferred, or you have paid the minimum amount (as stipulated on the invoice), you will be officially registered.

Fee deferral means you will not have to make a minimum payment toward your fees and will not be charged monthly interest on any outstanding balance. Fee deferral is only in effect from September to April of any academic year and interest is charged on balance owing as of May 1.

MHSc in Clinical Engineering students

Students in the MHSc Clinical Engineering program are not able to defer their fees through ROSI / ARBOR. You must fill out a fee deferral form and return it to the Academic Programs Office in MB 332.

Student Funding

The Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering guarantees a minimum stipend for MASc, MHSc and PhD students in the first year of graduate studies.

Financial support beyond the first year is contingent upon satisfactory standing.

The research stipend is derived from a combination of sources such as research assistantships provided by the supervisor, IBBME Fellowships, external and internal funding, and scholarships.

For students in the MASc and PhD biomedical engineering programs, the primary source of funding is from the supervisor in the form of a research assistantship. Funding for MHSc in Clinical Engineering students come from the thesis supervisor and internship placements.

For students in the Collaborative Specialization the funding sources differ for each unit.

Teaching assistantships are offered throughout the University. IBBME has a limited number of positions, to be posted when the positions become available.

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships for which they are eligible.

Funding Sources


IBBME Basic Minimum Stipend Levels

ProgramTuition and feesMinimum Stipend
MASc - Domestic$8,489.52$25,489.52 (tuition+fee+$17,000)
MASc - International$24,853.52$41,853.52 (tuition+fee+$17,000)
PhD - Domestic$8,489.52$26,989.52 (tuition+fee+$18,500)
PhD - International$9,113.52$ 27,613.52 (tuition+fee+$18,500)

Clinical Engineering Program Basic Minimum Stipend Levels

ProgramMinimum Guaranteed Stipend ¹Internship Funding ²IBBMESupervisor (Minimum) IBBMESupervisor (Minimum)
Year 1Year 1Year 2Year 2
MHSc - Domestic$15,650$10,000$4,000$11,650$2,500$13,150
MHSc - International$41,584$10,000$0$41,584$0$41,584

The minimum guaranteed stipend is composed of funds from the research supervisor and an IBBME Fellowship
2 This figure is based on a student fulfilling 625 hours of internship work per year and receiving an average wage of $2500 per month. Please note that this funding is not guaranteed

Funding Chart 3

ProgramMinimum StipendIBBMESupervisor (Minimum) IBBMESupervisor (Minimum) IBBMESupervisor (Minimum)
Year 1Year 1Year 2Year 2Subsequent BIU Eligible Years ⁴Subsequent BIU Eligible Years ⁴
Dom. MASc$25,489.52$7,000$18,489.52$0$25,489.52N/AN/A
Dom. PhD$26,989.52$9,000$17,989.52$9,000$17,989.52$6,000$20,989.52
Int. MASc$41,853.52$0$41,853.52$0$41,853.52$0$41,853.52
Int. PhD$27,613.52$0$27,613.52$0$27,613.52$0$27,613.52

3 Amounts represent students who do not hold any financial awards
4 PhD students who hold a Master’s degree will have three years of BIU funding. Direct-entry PhD, and By-pass students will have five years of BIU funding available. Note: BIU eligibility is set by the Ministry and determined by the total number of years of Graduate studies

Funding Chart for Award Winners: Domestic Students 5

Award TypeAward AmountIBBME Top up for Awardees (only for BIU Eligible)Supervisor (Minimum) Supervisor (Minimum) ⁶
CIHR Masters$17,500$2,000$0$7,989.52$0$0$19,500 (MHSc)
$27,489.52 (MASc)
$28,989.52 (PhD)
Heart & Stroke$18,000$2,000$0$7,489.52$0$0
NSERC CGS M$17,500$2,000$0$7,989.52$0$0
NSERC PGS M$17,300$2,000$0$8,188.52$0$0
OGS / QEII- GSST$15,000$2,000$2,000$10,489.52$2,500$11,989.52
CIHR CGS (Banting & Best)$30,000 (+ $5K Travel Grant)$0$0$0$0$0$28,989.52 (PhD)
CIHR Doctoral$21,000$0$2,000$0$0$5,989.52
NSERC CGS D$35,000$0$0$0$0$0
NSERC PGS D$21,000$0$2,000$0$0$5,989.52
Peterbrough K.M. Hunter Graduate Fellowship$20,000$2,000$2,000$5,489.52$0$6,989.52$27,489.52 (MASc)
$28,989.52 (PhD)

Students holding awards will receive an IBBME fellowship up to the minimum stipend amount. Top up is only applicable for awards listed.
6 Minimum stipend amount + IBBME top-up contribution.

Funding Chart for Award Winners (10K+): International Students

Award TypeAwardIBBMESupervisor Minimum Stipend
$26,584 (MHSc)
$12,613.52 (PhD)
$41,853.52 (MASc)
$41,584 (MHSc)
$27,613.52 (PhD)
Peterborough K.M. Hunter Graduate Fellowship$20,000$0$21,853.52 (MASc)
$7,613.52 (PhD)
Connaught$10,000$16,000$9,000$35,000 (PhD)
Trillium$26,666$13,333$0$40,000 (PhD)

Funding and Tuition

MASc, MHSc PhD and collaborative specialization students receiving an annual stipend from their supervisors are still responsible for paying all tuition and fees on time to the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies.

Penalties and late fees for any outstanding payments past due will apply.

Please visit the Academic Programs Office in MB 332 to complete your Student / Supervisor Agreement form at the beginning of each academic year in order for us to process your funding information efficiently.

Getting Paid / Direct Deposit

The IBBME Fellowship and internal U of T student awards are processed through ROSI / ARBOR directly to your bank account. Make sure you have up-to-date direct deposit information in ROSI / ARBOR.

Some awards are paid in equal installments at the beginning of each academic term.

The first installment of any internal U of T award or IBBME fellowship will be deposited to the student’s bank account while all subsequent installments will be automatically applied to any outstanding fees.

Your supervisor’s contribution to your stipend is processed through central HR at the University of Toronto. You will be asked to provide direct deposit information to the IBBME HR Officer in RS 407 in order to facilitate these payments.