Selecting a Supervisor


MASc, PhD & Collaborative Specialization

Acceptance into the MASc, PhD programs and the collaborative specialization in IBBME is conditional upon finding and confirming a supervisor.

For MASc and PhD candidates, your primary supervisor must hold a graduate appointment at IBBME and at the U of T School of Graduate Studies.

For collaborative specialization students, your primary or co-supervisor must have an appointment in IBBME.


Prospective clinical engineering students are encouraged to contact thesis supervisors in conjunction with your graduate studies application. This will aid in an effective and efficient start to your program.


MASc, PhD and collaborative program applicants need to secure a supervisor before an offer of admission can be issued. Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty members to discuss possible research projects.

A mutual agreement between a student and the supervisor must be reached in order for the student to receive an offer of admission and to carry out research in the supervisor’s laboratory.

Applicants who fail to find a supervisor will not be offered admission to the program. A full list of our faculty and their area of research can be found on the website.

Please note that expression of interest from a faculty member does NOT constitute an offer of admission. You must follow the official online application procedure so that your application will be reviewed by our graduate admissions committee.

Official offers of admission are issued by the University of Toronto Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering.

Tips for communicating with prospective supervisors

Faculty members receive numerous emails on a daily basis. Here are some quick tips on how to maximize your odds of receiving a useful response:

  • Do not mass email—research a handful of faculty members that have common professional interests with you and write to them individually
  • Treat your correspondence like a job application—use a professional salutation, tone and style
  • Keep your email body short—cover your basics by including a brief summary of your relevant education/professional background and research interests
  • Attach a copy of your transcript and resume in PDF format

SGS Guide on Finding a Supervisor

U of T School of Graduate Studies (SGS) guide to finding a supervisor.