IBBME facilitates the following programs for undergraduate students:

  1. Biomedical engineering minor (Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering)
  2. Biomedical systems engineering major (Division of Engineering Science)
  3. Biomedical engineering undergraduate mentorship program
  4. Undergraduate Seminar Series (Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering)
  5. Undergraduate Summer Research Program (all students)


Admissions—Office of the Registrar

IBBME does not currently offer direct-entry undergraduate degree programs.

The Biomedical Engineering Minor and Biomedical Systems Engineering Major are available to students enrolled in undergraduate programs within the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.

Admissions for all engineering undergraduate degree programs are facilitated by the Office of the Registrar in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.

Please visit the Discover Engineering website for application and admissions information.

Student Life