Biomedical Engineering Minor


This highly focused minor examines engineering’s intersection with medical research and biomedical technology. Courses provide training in physiological control systems, bioinstrumentation, biomechanics and a choice of lab or design experience.


All engineering students in the Core 8 programs (chemical, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, materials, mechanical and mineral) are eligible to enrol in this minor.

Engineering Science students, except those pursing the Biomedical Systems Engineering major, are also permitted to take this minor.

Course Requirements

Students must fulfill the following course requirements to complete this minor (equalling 3.0 credits):

  1. CHE 353—Engineering Biology (0.5 credit)
  2. MIE 331—Physiological Control Systems (0.5 credit)
  3. BME 440—Biomedical Engineering Technology & Investigation (0.5 credit)
  4. BME 430—Human Whole Body Biomechanics or MIE 439—Biomechanics I (0.5 credit)

And, one of:

Important Notes

  1. Half courses (0.5 credit) may be offered in the fall or winter term; please refer to the current Academic Calendar for scheduling information and course descriptions
  2. Entry into BME 498 or BME 499 requires permission from our IBBME Academic Programs Office
  3. A biomedical engineering minor student may take both BME 498 or BME 499 but only one course can count towards the minor—Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) students are restricted to only one of these courses
  4. Former Engineering Science students who transferred into a Core 8 program may use BME 205—Biomolecules and Cells to replace CHE 353 and is also an eligible prerequisite for MIE 331

Innovation, Hammer & Nails

Students enrolled in the BME 498 capstone design course or BME 499 research thesis can have the unique opportunity to work on a clinical-based topic assigned by the Hospital for Sick Children through the Innovation, Hammer & Nails program.

Recommended Scheduling

Year 3

  • CHE 353
  • MIE 331

Year 4

  • BME 440
  • BME 430 or MIE 439
  • BME 498 or BME 499

This is only a recommended schedule; it may not fit for all engineering programs.

Please consult the Academic Calendar, your home department academic advisor or visit the IBBME Student Programs Office to determine the optimal schedule for you.

How to Enrol

Please complete this online enrolment form.