Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence

2017-2018 award nomination period: Friday, December 8, 2017 to Friday, May 11, 2018.

The IBBME Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence is presented annually to a graduate student who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment and leadership to undergraduate BME course teaching. The award is complimented with a $250 value.

Nominee Eligibility

  • Graduate students who are teaching assistants (TAs) and contribute to the learning experience of undergraduate students through leadership of tutorial and/or laboratory (practical) sessions
  • Must be graduate student TAs in the current academic year for BME-coded or core courses in the Biomedical Engineering Minor and/or the Biomedical Systems Engineering Major in the Engineering Science program
  • TAs who purely grade undergraduate student work are not eligible
  • Previous winners of this award are not eligible

Nominator Eligibility

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students may nominate their course TA by completing the online form below.

Undergraduate student nominators must identify, and be enrolled in, the relevant course of TA instruction. Students should identify the specific impact made by the nominated TA.

If a single undergraduate student nominates a TA, three letters of support from other undergraduate students in the same course are required. These students must also provide their contact information.

Course Instructors

Course instructors may also nominate their course TA by completing the same online form below.

Instructor evaluation should contain persuasive and compelling reasons why the identified TA deserves special recognition.

The name of the specific course taught by the TA must be included in the nomination form.

If a course instructor nominates a TA, three letters of support must also be included. At least two of these letters must be from undergraduate students.

Faculty Members

Faculty who have worked with a TA may write a letter of support for any nominee (not required to be associated with a singular course).

Letters of Support & Documentation

It is highly recommended that end-of-term TA and course evaluation data (scores and specific student comments) be included as supporting documentation for any candidate nomination.

Three strong letters of support must also be included in the nomination package in addition to the principle nomination letter; strong letters will convey excellence in the identified categories.

Assessment Criteria

Support letters should address and include specific examples of the following:

  • Communication skills – in particular the ability to explain complex topics;
  • Ability and willingness to troubleshoot problems experienced by undergraduate students;
  • Interpersonal skills – exhibiting an approachable attitude while instructing, and willingness to help (particularly in a timely manner) when contacted by undergraduate students and/or the instructor;
  • Dependability and organization;
  • Background preparation and solid knowledge of relevant course theory;
  • If applicable, skills with laboratory protocols, hands-on laboratory equipment and instrument operation.

Selection Process & Presentation Date

The awardee will be determined by the IBBME Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, the associate director of graduate programs and the director.

This committee will review all nomination packages and determine the award winner by taking into consideration all information received from students, faculty and instructional (Teaching Laboratory and Design Studio) staff.

The committee reserves the right to not give out an award should there not be an appropriate candidate. All decision are final.

The winner of this award will be announced and presented at the IBBME Annual Research Conference (iARC) in late spring. The recognition will consist of a plaque and a $250 award.

  • (e.g. BME 498H1Y)
  • i.e. your name
  • You are encouraged to address items indicated in the assessment criteria above with specific examples. Letter quality is emphasized over quantity of words. One page max; PDF format only.
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • One page max; PDF format only
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • One page max; PDF format only
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • One page max; PDF format only
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • TA and course evaluation data are strongly recommended
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